10th August 2015

Caitlin Dillon 02/10/1985 – 18/04/1999

Written by her mother, Vicki, in January 2006 I am so often amazed at how true the cliché ‘it’s a small world’ really is – […]
10th August 2015

Charlynn Brower (4th July 1991 – 25th November 2011)

Sadly we lost vivacious, twenty year old Charlynn Brower on 25th November. She was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in November 2005 at the age […]
10th August 2015

Chase Avice du Buisson

Chase didn’t really feel ill but his parents noticed that he had developed a rash on his shoulders and hip that looked like blood blisters. […]
10th August 2015

Chelsea Varga 05/12/1992 – 20/05/2007

We received daily updates during the eight months Princess Chelsea spent in a hospital isolation ward. To the nursing staff, she was known as the […]