6th August 2015

Simone van Kraayenburg

Is there a real age for cancer? I thought it was something you mostly get when you old.  Well, 4 months before my 21st birthday […]
6th August 2015

PC van der Walt

In 2008, as a relatively fit and healthy 49 year old, I was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia. I was treated by Drs Dave Britain […]
6th August 2015

Gawie’s Miracle Story

I was diagnosed with acute Leukemia on 5 Nov 1997.  I had 3 7-day chemo therapy courses prior to having a bone-marrow transplant on 13 […]
6th August 2015

Carey Boucher

Carey’s Courage: In 2007, young, energetic, Carey Boucher was in love and life was good. After developing strange bruises all over her face and body […]