26th October 2015

Natascha Louw

Eight years ago, what should have been just appendicitis, turned out to be my worst nightmare come true.  After having my appendix removed, the surgeon […]
26th October 2015

1095 Days of waiting for a Bone Marrow Donor

For more than three years doctors and healthcare specialists have been trying to find a bone marrow donor, both locally and abroad, for a 13-year-old […]
10th August 2015

Chris Corlett 12.10.1982 – 10.09.2000

Courage, charisma, strength of character, sincerity – whatever it is that makes some people inspirational and very special, Chris Corlett had it. His fortitude and […]
10th August 2015

Bianca Perlotto 21/04/1987 – 10/02/2000

by Lorraine Perlotto (Bianca’s mom) Some people dream of angels … I held one in my arms … Bianca was a healthy, active, happy 12 […]