Patients Still Searching

9th May 2017

Pearl’s hopeful journey

Pearl Malinga was pregnant with her second child when, during a routine pregnancy check-up, her doctors noticed an abnormality in her blood and decided to conduct […]
26th October 2015

Zyaan Makda

Doctors and healthcare specialists are on a search for a stem cell donor, both locally and abroad, for Zyaan Makda (13) for whom a stem cell […]
7th August 2015

Neli Mthembu

Neli Mthembu is like any other exuberant, loving 5 year old little girl, she loves swimming and showing off her newly acquired dancing skills. Neli’s parents, […]
7th August 2015

Robbie Eddles

Mike and Colleen Eddles have an enviable family – three beautiful children and a picturesque home filled with lots of warmth and joy to go around.  […]
7th August 2015

Reza Price

When life can’t wait. Looking for the perfect match  –  It’s in the blood For Reza Price and his family, every day is a precious gift […]