Patients Still Searching

7th August 2015

Robbie Eddles

Mike and Colleen Eddles have an enviable family – three beautiful children and a picturesque home filled with lots of warmth and joy to go […]
7th August 2015

Thirteen year old Taahirah Msomi needs your help….

Thirteen year old Taahirah Msomi loves what most girls her age enjoy doing – listening to music, dancing, shopping, swimming and hanging out with friends […]
7th August 2015

Isma’eel Mcklein

Isma’eel’s mom made sure to give her son an unforgettable surprise when he arrived at The Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital for his checkup […]
7th August 2015

Reece Smit

Help Reece fight the DNAliens in his body In June 2010, Reece was diagnosed with Fanconi Anemia – a form of congenital aplastic anemia.  Reece’s […]