29th February 2016

Rose-Leigh Usher

How quickly one’s life can be turned upside down.   In June 2012 after  eight year old Rose-Leigh Usher had complained of severe abdominal cramps and her […]
30th October 2015

Jamie-lee Caple (2005)

After being treated with complicated mumps along with many other complications, Jamie-lee Caple was diagnosed with Leukaemia in May 2005 at the age of 14. She […]
26th October 2015

Natascha Louw (2008)

Eight years ago, what should have been just appendicitis, turned out to be my worst nightmare come true.  After having my appendix removed, the surgeon advised […]
6th August 2015

Simone Van Kraayenburg (2010 and 2012)

Just over 3 years on from my original survivor story to The Sunflower Fund, I have yet another story to tell. After having my stem cell […]
6th August 2015

Kyle Skidmore (2012)

The 12th January 2012 will forever be etched in the minds of Durban teenager and Glenwood High School pupil Kyle Skidmore and his family. For it […]
6th August 2015

Kerry Abrahams (2011)

Before I begin with my story I would like to thank my amazing husband, Greg, my special parents, my brother & sister in law, my entire […]
6th August 2015

Raymond Funnell (2007)

I am a happily married man to Lynne with 3 wonderful kids, Kimberly (21), Sarah (17) and Jayson (14). I have been working as a consulting […]
6th August 2015

PC van der Walt (2009)

In 2008, as a relatively fit and healthy 49 year old, I was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia. I was treated by Drs Dave Britain and […]
6th August 2015

Gawie Marx (1998)

I was diagnosed with acute Leukemia on 5 Nov 1997.  I had 3 7-day chemo therapy courses prior to having a bone-marrow transplant on 13 Aug […]
6th August 2015

Carey Boucher

Carey’s Courage: In 2007, young, energetic, Carey Boucher was in love and life was good. After developing strange bruises all over her face and body she […]
6th August 2015

Joshua King

Joshua was almost 11 when he was diagnosed with Burkitt’s Lymphoma. At first they thought he just had a blocked stomach due to an unhealthy lifestyle, […]
6th August 2015

Rebecca Stringer (2007)

Rebecca Stringer was two and a half when she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (12 October 2005). Her condition puzzled doctors and unfortunately she was […]