Wall of Remembrance

9th August 2015

Renuka Naiker 07/1967 – 06/2005

Written by her brother Yagen Naidoo “With the current ratio of Asian donors on registers world-wide as low as it is (below 1% world-wide), being […]
9th August 2015

Rodney Tweedie 15/02/1947 – 22/08/2008

Rod was diagnosed with Myelodysplastic Syndrome in June 2007 and fought the disease bravely. Unfortunately a year later the MDS had transformed into Acute Myeloid […]
9th August 2015

Samantha Millar 7/04/2005 – 9/12/2007

Two and a half year old Samantha Millar expanded the hearts of the Pietermaritzburg community. She was a big fan of the telly tubbies and […]
9th August 2015

Sandy Thorne (10/09/2011)

Sandy Thorne, a 47 year old gym instructor, was someone who urgently needed a bone marrow stem cell transplant. Sandy was diagnosed with Acute Myloid […]