Isma’eel Mcklein

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7th August 2015
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7th August 2015
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Isma’eel Mcklein


ismaeelIsma’eel’s mom made sure to give her son an unforgettable surprise when he arrived at The Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital for his checkup in a bright red Ferrari!

Here is his story: My name is Isma’eel Mcklein and I am four years old, the second youngest in our family.  In 2010 just a week after my 4th birthday after having a bad cold that developed into Bronchial Pneumonia and after lots of pricking and prodding, I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL). All due to a cold and the fact that I had a sore back, and was unable to walk after I fell off a chair.  My family could not believe what was happening to me and was told that I needed to be re-admitted to hospital after having already spent a full week in Mitchells Plain and Gatesville Hospital.

I was pricked so many times that after a while I just lay when the nurses arrived to give me medication or draw blood, I would get so tired of all that was happening to me and became very moody.  My mom was also very tired and confused at all that was happening, but she stayed at my side even though she needed to rest, you see my mom was pregnant, with my baby brother. I only wanted my mom with me, my dad would come to visit but I was unable see my sister at all as she was too young to enter the ward.   I was a thin little boy but with all the meds I received made me just want to eat. I have grown a bit big.  I wanted KFC burgers all the time and with no lettuce please.  They would call me “Burger Boy”.  When we went to KFC after a day’s treatment, my parents would stop off at KFC and order me a burger with no lettuce. Even though I was going thru a tough time I always managed to smile.  That’s why some call me, SMILEY at the hospital.

Another shock awaited my parents not long after I started my treatment at RED CROSS G1 Ward, you see with all the medication that I was going to receive the doctors needed to make absolutely sure that my heart was okay and that the meds would not cause me or my heart any harm.  What a shocker my parents received when Dr John told my parents that I had a hole in my heart and that they would have to close it for me.  You see kids are sometimes born with a murmur and it closes after a while, but mine did not, surgery will have to wait for now, we first have to stabilize the leukemia.

I have now reached what they call maintenance in the program, so I only go once a month for a checkup.  It was at first, weekly then biweekly and now we go on monthly visits.  All was well until I contracted Chicken Pox. I was taken to hospital by my parents and then they were advised that I had severe chicken pox pneumonia.  I immediately required ICU admission for assisted ventilation as my lungs were very weak.  I spent a full week and recovered very well.  So far I am back on the road to recovery from this bad spell of chicken pox.

I am positive that I will be cured when I complete my course of treatment in 2013 October.