John Teixeira (28/03/2013)

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John Teixeira (28/03/2013)


john-teixeiraJohn Teixeira was diagnosed with Leukemia in March 2012.  At the age of 65 years old, John had never been to Hospital, never had any surgery of any nature, in fact never went to a Doctor.  He was a picture of Health.   In 2011 he started with mouth ulcers which was put down to stress and his system being run down.

The beginning of 2012 he started losing weight and this became a concern as the weight loss became very noticeable.  We went to our GP for a Blood Pressure Checkup – and one look at John and she knew that something was not right.  he went for Blood Tests and the next day we were called back to her rooms and by the look on her face – I knew it was something serious.  To be told that you have Leukemia – what a blow.  We were absolutely devastated, terrified and shocked.

The days that followed, anyone with Leukemia will know, were not easy.  Backwards and forwards to hospitals, doctors and pathologists.  The worst being the Bone Marrow Biopsy.  John was diagnosed with CMML.  He requires a Bone Marrow Transplant.  His siblings were tested and unfortunately they were not a match.  A local search was done for John, and to our disappointment – no matches either.  We have had to go worldwide now, which will be at our own cost, since Medical Aid does not cover for Donor Searches done outside South Africa.

John is on a very tough road at the moment.  He has developed kidney stones and ulcers in the ileum over the past few months.  His appetite has gone completely and it is very tough encouraging him to try and eat to maintain strength.  He is constantly cold and shivers. We take each day at a time.  Family and friends have been wonderful with their support.  Many prayers have gone out for John and in God’s time we believe He will make John well again.