Niki Duarte 08/06/1985 – 21/03/2011

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Niki Duarte 08/06/1985 – 21/03/2011


niki-duarteNikas” or “Niki Lauda(after the formula 1 driver and for being loud in nature) is how Niki was known by all his family and friends!!! A brave, hope-filled, spirit-filled, energetic, LOUDER, young man is how we would define him… If Niki was around you knew you were going to have a good time!

Our Friend Niki was diagnosed with AML in August of 2009! He fought a brave battle against the disease! Not once did Niki ever complain about what he had to go through or about what God had given him to handle! Niki embraced each new day…. It took us 14 months to find him a Donor! The necessary funds were raised and Niki received his transplant late 2010! We were all ecstatic as our friend had done it! He had beaten Cancer! Niki had beaten Leukaemia!!

Sadly though, even though Niki was cancer free the strain his body carried to recover was too much for his Big Heart to handle!  He was and still is an Inspiration and example to us all! Though he is gone, his memory will continue to live in each and every one of us as we strive to try and be a little more like him!

Niki’s story didn’t just touch his family and friends; his story touched the lives of people he didn’t even know; his story touched an entire community!  He brought so many of us to our knees before God in prayer!!!! The hours we spent in hospitals could never compare to the hours we spent in prayer for our dear friend… Niki beat his Cancer but in the end his Job here on earth was done and God needed him more than we did! We his friends and family will always remember and uphold the legacy he left behind!

If you are going through the same thing let Niki’s story inspire you… Despite the chemo, despite the leukaemia, despite everything that was going on, Niki cycled the Cape Argus (110km) and finished it with time to spare… He lived his life to the full and although we miss him greatly here, we know he looks down on us from HOME!  When times are tough and life makes no sense remember this and apply it in your life “BE LIKE NIKI!”  See the world as Niki did and realize that we are never too small to bring about change & inspiration… When times feel hard remember “Be Like Niki” and embrace each new day!

As Hard as it is to say Goodbye, Your Love remains here Forever…
My Life will be a Tribute
A Tribute to You
My Inspiration & Champion…
You will be missed Nikas… RIP Our Friend
The PIE Group