Rodney Tweedie 15/02/1947 – 22/08/2008

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9th August 2015
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Rodney Tweedie 15/02/1947 – 22/08/2008


rodney-tweedieRod was diagnosed with Myelodysplastic Syndrome in June 2007 and fought the disease bravely.

Unfortunately a year later the MDS had transformed into Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. It was during this time that his real strengths were exposed.

Both his siblings were tested as potential bone marrow matches but sadly were unsuccessful. During the process of undergoing chemotherapy and applying for a BMT he received the news that the Leukaemia had become aggressive. In consultation with his Oncologist, it was decided that it would be better for him to return to his home town and to his family and friends.

Rod clung to his dreams right to the very end, spared no humour and never turned a visitor away from his bedside.

Dad you’ve left a void in our lives and till we meet again, we love and miss you.

Written By: Alison (Rodney’s Daughter)