Steven Clapp

Shaun Watts
6th August 2015
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Steven Clapp

I had a Bone Marrow transplant on May 31 st 2001. I had Anaplastic Lymphoma T Cell of an aggressive nature. I had 2 C.H.O.P (combination chemo, very high doses) treatments; the nurses even remarked that they were giving me much higher doses of chemo, than they were used to.

A donor could not be found in my family and I am not sure where the Bone Marrow that was used came from, but I was fortunate enough to find a donor on the registry. I was very ill as a result of the chemo, which is often the case. I held the record at the Bone Marrow unit of Constantiaberg Medi-Clinic as days post transplant before going home, I have never been back since for any infection.

I am now living a normal life with my family, playing full contact rugby. Enjoying a friendship with my friend ‘Charles Glass’.

This is a difficult time for all concerned. Once we fill the registry with enough donors of all ethnic groups, it will make it easier for all patients and their families to go through the process.