Wall of Remembrance

Wall of Remembrance

10th August 2015

Chris Corlett 12.10.1982 – 10.09.2000

Courage, charisma, strength of character, sincerity – whatever it is that makes some people inspirational and very special, Chris Corlett had it. His fortitude and […]
10th August 2015

Bianca Perlotto 21/04/1987 – 10/02/2000

by Lorraine Perlotto (Bianca’s mom) Some people dream of angels … I held one in my arms … Bianca was a healthy, active, happy 12 […]
10th August 2015

Caitlin Dillon 02/10/1985 – 18/04/1999

Written by her mother, Vicki, in January 2006 I am so often amazed at how true the cliché ‘it’s a small world’ really is – […]
10th August 2015

Charlynn Brower (4th July 1991 – 25th November 2011)

Sadly we lost vivacious, twenty year old Charlynn Brower on 25th November. She was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in November 2005 at the age […]
10th August 2015

Chase Avice du Buisson

Chase didn’t really feel ill but his parents noticed that he had developed a rash on his shoulders and hip that looked like blood blisters. […]
10th August 2015

Chelsea Varga 05/12/1992 – 20/05/2007

We received daily updates during the eight months Princess Chelsea spent in a hospital isolation ward. To the nursing staff, she was known as the […]
10th August 2015

Danae Vetter 26/07/2005 – 23/02/2007

Eighteen month old Danae was the first patient the KZN Sunflower team came into contact with and immediately she stole our hearts. Her favourite song […]
10th August 2015

Daniel Millar 25/08/1984 – 31/01/2008

Danny was a wonderful young man who lived his life to the full. He was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in June 2007. He showed tremendous […]
10th August 2015

Delia Carolessen 1974 – 2013

There is one more angel in Heaven, there is one more star in the sky. You will be missed, not because you were always so […]
10th August 2015

Jade Sera Preston 17/06/1999 – 22/11/2007

Even when she was very ill Jade the performer was still singing, dancing and acting. Her beautiful voice and sense of humour inspired so many […]
10th August 2015

James Paxton Edmonds 24/07/2002 – 20/01/2004

To all the very special people who “journeyed” with us There are no words to adequately express the deep gratitude we feel in our hearts […]
10th August 2015

John Teixeira (28/03/2013)

John Teixeira was diagnosed with Leukemia in March 2012.  At the age of 65 years old, John had never been to Hospital, never had any […]
10th August 2015

Kale Bonhomne 26/05/1979 – 22/08/2008

Twenty nine year old Kale Bonhomne was passionate about soccer and use to play for Virginia United Football Club. He was definitely a Sharks rugby […]
10th August 2015

Kate Margaret Tomlinson 12/09/1997 – 05/04/2003

In February 2002, after several infections and noticeable bruising, our four year old daughter Kate was diagnosed with a type of acute myeloblastic leukemia (AML). […]
10th August 2015

Lindy Anderson (7/7/1986 – 8/2/2004)

The Sunflower Fund’s Bandana Girl An inspirational and very special young lady who launched “Bandana Day” for The Sunflower Fund during her own struggle with […]
9th August 2015

Luke Miles 24/11/1976 – 02/09/2011

Luke Miles, a 35 year old horticulturist, landscapist, husband and father, was diagnosed with Leukaemia on 21st December 2010. Luke Jason Miles began life on […]
9th August 2015

A Tribute to Matthew Thomson – Our Heart, love and joy

Matt was conceived on the 3rd November 2003, on Roy’s birthday, when he finally caved in after years of begging from me, a relentless nagger. […]
9th August 2015

Neeshay’s Story

2007 was an exciting year for Neeshay, it was her first year at big school and she would be making lots of new friends. The […]
9th August 2015

Niki Duarte 08/06/1985 – 21/03/2011

“Nikas” or “Niki Lauda” (after the formula 1 driver and for being loud in nature) is how Niki was known by all his family and […]
9th August 2015

Nishal Seetharam (14/10/2012)

Nishal Seetharam was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML) on 25th July 2011 at the age of 29 after experiencing flu-like symptoms, a rash, severe […]
9th August 2015

Renuka Naiker 07/1967 – 06/2005

Written by her brother Yagen Naidoo “With the current ratio of Asian donors on registers world-wide as low as it is (below 1% world-wide), being […]
9th August 2015

Rodney Tweedie 15/02/1947 – 22/08/2008

Rod was diagnosed with Myelodysplastic Syndrome in June 2007 and fought the disease bravely. Unfortunately a year later the MDS had transformed into Acute Myeloid […]
9th August 2015

Samantha Millar 7/04/2005 – 9/12/2007

Two and a half year old Samantha Millar expanded the hearts of the Pietermaritzburg community. She was a big fan of the telly tubbies and […]
9th August 2015

Sandy Thorne (10/09/2011)

Sandy Thorne, a 47 year old gym instructor, was someone who urgently needed a bone marrow stem cell transplant. Sandy was diagnosed with Acute Myloid […]
9th August 2015

Slade Holt (08/2008)

Ten year old Slade Holt passed away from Acute Myeloid Leukaemia on August 2008. Slade’s favourite activities included cooking, horse riding, golf, scuba diving with […]
9th August 2015

Tori Paige Young 18/08/1995 – 21/12/2008

Tori was a very bright little girl, full of imagination and an amazing sense of humour. She was a loving child and a loyal and […]
9th August 2015

Werner Burger (16/05/2013)

36 year old Werner Burger of Riebeek-Wes was diagnosed with Lymphatic Cell Cancer in 2011, and is needing a matching bone marrow stem cell donor. […]