Tori Paige Young 18/08/1995 – 21/12/2008

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Tori Paige Young 18/08/1995 – 21/12/2008


tori-paige-youngTori was a very bright little girl, full of imagination and an amazing sense of humour. She was a loving child and a loyal and trustworthy friend.

She loved participating in sports at school and was House Captain for Silverlea at WGJS.  She was a good leader and enjoyed encouraging her school mates to participate in supporting their fellow team members in races.

She wasn’t a fast runner in cross country but never gave up and always finished the race with a smile on her face knowing she had tried her best.

She was welcoming to new students at the school and tried to help them settle in.

When she was diagnosed with ALL two days after her 13th birthday she took it on the chin with the belief that it was going to be a hard battle but she was going to win.

She was very brave when they stuck her full of needles when they couldn’t find her veins to draw blood. She hated staying over at the hospital but was prepared to do so when a friend needed company.

After fighting an infection for two days she passed away on 21 December 2008.

I miss you baby girl.  To infinity and beyond and back, uncountable.